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Email Marketing Bangla Tutorial Pdf

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Advance CPA Marketing A to Z Bangla Tutorial - cpa marketing a to z bangla tutorial Providing an email addressSigning up for a free trial of a . cpa marketing pdf, cpa marketing problem, cpa marketing results, cpa. Email marketing bangla video tutorial In this file, you can ref free Free pdf download examples Page 1; 2. niben totodin ai support fee dite. Free Online Course – Affiliate Marketing Bangla Tutorial Pdf. The ClickFunnels Every day, you'll get an email with a connect to that day's training. This is an.

Useful for organizing different groups or categories of ads. Ads: Last but not least, all of your ads. This is the only part that people will see eventually. So you can have multiple campaigns.

And then each campaign will have multiple ad sets under each. Which will then contain a few ads of its own. That way, you can quickly look at how your campaigns or ads are performing and how they compare. You can also customize which options show up in these columns by clicking on the link to the far right-hand side. Here are five metrics you should be adding to these dashboards instead. The menu will house all of your other major ad options. Not that hard, right?!

CPA Marketing Bangla Tutorial

Pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Plain and simple. You search. But the point is that you look for something specific. But effective. Nowhere else do people tell you exactly what they want and then let advertisers compete to show it to them first.

Especially not on Facebook. Think about it. That changes things. It means the way you approach Facebook advertising needs to be unique.

Instead, we need to build a Facebook sales funnel , first. That means a series of campaigns all with different objectives.

Some get you attention and awareness. Others do the nurturing.

So that one or two can do all of the converting. For example: Step 1. You do that through awesome content that makes them laugh or helps them solve some problem. Then you pull them back to your site. But this website traffic will help you create a new custom audience.

And then you go somewhere else without downloading. But everywhere you go, ads from the Wynn follow you around! Those are retargeting ads.

They placed a little pixel on your device when you visited their site. And now they can send you follow-up messages to get you to come back to eventually spend some money. And then automatically send them ads for something related to what they just looked at.

So you might start out with something lighthearted to get their attention. Or a useful blog post. One reason? In the early stages here, you need enough eyeballs to get fast, relevant data. So you can target a fairly large audience of roughly , up to two million people at this point. Smaller budget? Then you can refine with demographic criteria like location, age, gender, etc.

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And now you should be ready for the next level. Step 2. Now you can capitalize on that by sending those people offers that will transform them from strangers into leads. The point is to get some basic information from them for the least amount of money possible. Your audience targeting at this step should be easy, too. Simply send these ads to the custom audience of past website visits you just created! That way, your brand should still be fresh in their minds.

And the right offer will still catch their attention. Step 3. So now you just need to send them product offers that are too good to be true so they hand over their payment info. Do you sell high priced products or services? No problem. You too can sell using Facebook ads. You just need to scale down your offer, first. These low priced versions remove all of the risk from the customer. They should be ready, willing, and able now.

This looks a little time-consuming because it is.

The first campaign will bring people in. The second will warm them up. And the third will get them to convert. You need to have a few campaigns running, simultaneously, to slowly but surely transform strangers into loyal customers.

But… how are you supposed to come up with a budget for something like that? How many do you want to sell? That way we can start estimating your sales. So… how much is it going to cost to get those 1, clicks? This is the max number you want to spend each day to hit your goal.

After defining budgets, you can select an objective so that Facebook will automatically help you do a better job of reaching your goals. Why mess with these options?


Help build your confidence. If you are a newbie, then say so, but you also need to ensure that you are learning techniques of the business.

You have to inform them about your plans and methods you are going to work on. Call Them Before They Call You Once you have filled out your application, it will take hours for the network to call you. But it is strongly suggested that you call them before they call you.

To get your application approved more quickly, wait for 10 minutes after submitting the form and give them a call. Let them know that you have applied. This will show that you are eager to get started and you care about the CPA network.

Stay Confident During the Interview After getting the application, the CPA network will want to know about you, your experience and pretty much the same questions that were already asked in the form. They want to find out who you are. So, at the time of the interview, stay confident and be honest in your answers. It will be a unique link. It will be used to track all of your future activities, for example- your sales. You will also get information about your conversion rates through it. This is to help you to get started off with the program.

You can ask the manager if you have any queries regarding the CPA campaign that you might have. You can do this by asking your affiliate manager. They have a lot of data, and they are ready to help you. They will send you a list of offers, and you can go through the offer pages and decide for yourself what offer you would select. Next, you should do a bit of research on which offer the general public has the highest interest.

To make money with CPA offers, it is essential to know about the public interest. Then just click on search. It will help you to select products easily. If you can incorporate these offers in a way that people can hardly understand you are promoting CPA offers, more people will click and get converted.

So, it is recommended that you get a custom design that gives your site a legit look. Selecting a Traffic Generation Method As a CPA marketer, when you choose traffic sources to promote CPA offers , first ensure that the offeror accepts the type of traffic source to the advertiser.

If you see the offer details of your CPA network, you will find specific types of traffic sources are acceptable.Remember, profit is the only thing that counts!

So, always try to be honest. You can combine mobile, social media, and email data using an email address only. Provide excellent content Take some time to think about your ideal viewer.

Call Them Before They Call You Once you have filled out your application, it will take hours for the network to call you. If you ever find a use for using right justify, please let us know. They placed a little pixel on your device when you visited their site. For our review of the best email marketing software, we put each application though several tests mimicking actual use scenarios.

What is CPA? Email marketing bangla video tutorial In this file, you can ref free useful materials about email marketing bangla video tutorial and other materials for video marketing such as video marketing tips, video marketing tools, video marketing sites.

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