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tech writing sunset, know this: most of the manuals and guides out there are written by .. Dummies publishers have a book on everything from writing résumés to .. tablets onto the factory floor, replacing PDF work instructions with mobile. Technical Writing Guide. Michigan State University. Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering. Farrall Hall, East Lansing, Michigan. The five-way access system of the Handbook of Technical Writing . Using PDF Files . Previously, he worked in advertising, technical writing, and.

Because of information overload, you must be able to read documents quickly and efficiently, understand them the first time you read them, and know that the information is accurate.

Up-to-date information provides companies with a competitive edge, speeding critical decision making and allowing job specialization.

They understand that their readers must be able to skim or skip text and find important information quickly. As a professional in great demand, the technical writer faces a challenging, exciting, and rewarding future. Police accident reports record facts for later use in court. Chemists and engineers document procedures to comply with government regulations.

Accountants prepare annual client reports. Sales representatives write sales proposals. Professors write grant proposals.

Park rangers write safety precautions. Insurance claims adjusters write incident reports. Travel agents design brochures. Public relations officers write news releases, letters, and speeches.

When you write, you demonstrate your ability to analyze, solve problems, and understand technical processes. When writing is not clear, the thinking behind the writing may not be clear either.

Technical writing is the great connector—the written link—connecting technology to user, professional to client, colleague to colleague, supervisor to employee, and individual to community. No matter what career you choose, you can expect to read and compose e-mail, send accompanying attachments, give and receive phone messages, and explain procedures.

The following list shows how Sergeant Thomas Hardy of the Palmer City Police Department, father of two and concerned citizen, uses technical communication on the job and at home. How can writing affect your chances for advancement? Have you written or read similar types of documents? If so, why? What was the situation?

Which of the documents would you use to make a decision or to perform an action? Which type of document would you prefer to write? While technical writing shares some characteristics with other kinds of writing, it is also significantly different. From the factual treatment of the subject to audience considerations, technical writing is unique.

Subject, audience, organization, style, tone, and special features all contribute to the description of writing that is appropriate for the workplace. Subject The purpose of the research paper is not to relate personal experience, but to explain facts gained from research. Writing to explain or inform is expository writing.

Conditions of Use

Like expressive writing, your academic career has probably required that you do some research writing. The excerpt from the research paper at the beginning of the chapter involves the pros and cons of using tissue from pigs for heart valve replacement in humans. While most academic research papers are factual papers written on topics that are interesting to the reader, the technical research document is written to fulfill a need.

Expressive writing is created to convey personal observations or feelings. It relies on personal experience for research. Expressive writing is likely to be the type with which you are most familiar. In technical writing, often the need is to share information or to have someone perform an action. For example, a person may need to have heart surgery. Therefore, the technical document fulfills the special needs of a specific reader.

The writer of the technical document on page 4 targets cardiac patients and explains the disease and its diagnosis. Technical writing may require library research, scientific observation, or field research research done in the field, especially through surveys and interviews.

Whether to inform or persuade, technical writing relies on data presented with precision and accuracy. In addition, they can add visual aids such as diagrams, charts, and graphs to enhance the message.

To practice applying special features, complete the Communication Technologies worksheet available at www.

Think Critically Does your composing process change when you lack knowledge of software? The writer of the personal essay expects some understanding from his or her readers as they share experiences. The writer also expresses his or her point of view. The writer of the research paper may be interested in the subject and hopes that a reader will read the research paper for its facts.

The technical writer, however, expects more from a very specific reader—one needing information about mitral valve replacement and possessing some knowledge of the topic and its specialized vocabulary. The technical writer not only expects the reader to understand the writing, but also wants the reader to do something after reading—decide on surgical options.

In technical writing, the needs of the reader dictate every decision the writer makes. In the Sample Technical Document Excerpt on page 3, the writer worked hard to present the information the reader needs in a format that is easy to read.

The headings, boldfaced type, visual aids, and no-frills language show that the writer is conscious of the reader.

Hm... Are You a Human?

Organization The personal essay and research paper make standard use of a topic sentence and transitional expressions, but you still need to read far into each document before the main point and the organization become apparent. However, the Sample Technical Document Excerpt uses headings to help you perceive the organization at a single glance.

Questions in the headings draw your attention to the information this document provides even before you read it.

Also, headings give you an opportunity to read only what you want or need to read. Style The style of a document, the way an author uses words and sentences, usually gives the audience an idea of the type of document they are reading. For example, the personal essay is casual, almost conversational, and predictable for an essay. The writer uses examples and some description. The style of the research paper also is predictable for a research paper— formal and more distant than the personal essay, with a thesis to clarify the purpose of the paper and documentation to enhance credibility.

The technical document uses a simple, concise, straightforward style that is easily understood. The long sentences are simply lists.

The other sentences are short, and the sentence order is predictable. There are no surprises for the reader. Jargon, the highly specialized language of a particular discipline or technical field, is used. She is responsible for coordinating communication between the programming team and the marketing team. Because this position is likely to result in a promotion and career advancement, Isabel is eager to do a good job. The programmer recommends delaying the launch date, but the project manager ignores the suggestion, deciding to issue a second release after the product is complete.

The next day in the meeting to discuss the marketing materials, Isabel struggles to decide whether she should list in the brochures the SpeedQuest features that do not work yet. She knows that the features would help sales of SpeedQuest.

On the other hand, she knows that if she tells the truth and decides not to publish information about the features, she may not get the promotion she is counting on.

What should Isabel do? Think Critically What resources might Isabel use to better understand and resolve this situation? Tone Tone refers to emotional overtones—the way the words make a person feel. It describes the emotional character of a document.

The tone of a document also hints at the kind of document the audience is reading. The tone of the personal essay is casual, dejected, and agonized. The tone of the research paper is generally objective.

The tone in technical writing is best described as objective or businesslike. The expressive nature of a personal essay can display a range of emotions— sadness, excitement, irony, humor. The aim of research papers and technical documents is not to convey emotion. In fact, emotion can get in the way of a technical document.

Readers of technical documents read for information, not for entertainment. They read to learn something or to take action. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on May 6, Technical Writing for Dummies.

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Technical Writing for Success, 3rd Edition

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What types of documents does this person write most often? Do whatever makes sense to you. Your company may also have specific configurations for the tools. This version is often made available to customers for testing. What goes into the outline?

Sample procedure Steps that each represent an action or a logical group of actions Introductory or lead-in information Cross-reference Before beginning to mix ingredients for your cake. For drawing line art for example.

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