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World of Darkness - Reliquary. Uploaded by. Dan Wallace. Hunter_ The Vigil - Block by Bloody Uploaded by. Juraj Trokan. Hunter: The Vigil Demo. Hunter: The Vigil is a game line from White Wolf, announced on January 2, , and successor of Hunter: The Reckoning from the old World of Darkness setting. . Under the Skin* (PDF Only) (February ) inspired by Spirit Slayers . contains the following titles. Bad Night at Blackmoon Farm (Hunter: The Vigil) Regular price: Format: PDF, In the distance, it all .. But what about the stranger aspects of the World of Darkness? Mortal Remains picks up.

The Loyalists of Thule — Guilt-driven knowledge seekers who use what they learn to help the world after their assistance in creating the Nazi Party. Sometimes, a compact becomes something else: a truly global organization, with access to Endowments - powerful devices or other powers whose use blurs the line between the hunters and their prey. Conspiracies sacrifice flexibility for access to serious backup and firepower, including their Endowments.

Some conspiracies date back thousands of years; others are relatively modern. The Lucifuge — Children of Satan , who use their infernal powers to hunt monsters. The Cheiron Group — Group of international corporations who experiment on monsters in order to find cures for modern diseases such as cancer and HIV , and attaching parts of monsters to their field agents.

Ascending Ones — Ancient Egyptian cult turned Islamic hunters, they are well known for their use of drugs to help aid their monster hunting. Malleus Maleficarum — Secret enforcers of the Catholic Church , based on the heretical book from the Inquisition and specialize in vampire hunting. With the release of additional sourcebooks for the game line, a greater range of compacts and conspiracies have been revealed.

Compacts from Sourcebooks The Barrett Commission - Groups of business and politically minded individuals in high positions of power dedicated to fighting vampiric influence in America, primarily through politics and economics. Maiden's Blood Sisterhood - College sorority created to protect colleges and universities from preying vampires.

Night Watch - Organized vigilantes who protect slums and other urban areas from vampires. The Bear Lodge - American hunter group who pursue werewolves and other creatures for pure sport.

The Talbot Group - American organization founded as a counseling service that aims to rehabilitate werewolves and other supernatural beings to humanity. Division Six - Extra-governmental group devoted to eliminating mages and other magic users. The Hunt Club - A group of wealthy socialites who partake in hunting normal, non-supernatural human beings for sport. The Promethean Brotherhood - Mage hunters who steal temporary supernatural magical abilities.

Keepers of the Source - A group of protectors who safeguard places of power and protect forbidden knowledge. Illuminated Brotherhood - Organization that focuses on the use of drugs for understanding and creating supernatural events. Knights of St. George - A group of so-called knights of England who seek to keep mages and magic users from attracting the attention of beings greater than humanity. Really, they're the unwitting dupes of the Seers of the Throne being used to hunt down the Awakened, but they don't know that.

The Hunt Club: Sick fucks who make the Ashwood Abbey look like saints by comparison, this is only a "hunter" compact in that it's pretty common for burnt-out hunters to end up in it. This is basically a social network for serial killers and Slashers who haven't completely lost their ability to relate to people, based on covering up each other's messes and scoring "points" by their kills. Habibti Ma: Founded by Eme Amun Hassan, an Egyptian woman who lost her husband and sons to a suicide cult.

After suing every authority who watched it happen but didn't act she was left with a fortune and an empty feeling. Hassan began to organize a group dedicated to breaking up cults and returning cultists to their families: Habibti Ma. The authors have admitted they fucked up and should've called the group Habibti Ma'at, named after the Egyptian goddess of mercy that Hassan bases her group's ideals on. While they act out of mercy they're not above kidnapping, torture and psychological abuse to deprogram cultists.

This means that they'd rather go after cultists of monsters frequently cults of arisen, vampires and the Kinfolk of werewolves , but if push comes to shove they'll take on the monsters as well. The Illuminated Brotherhood: Wigged out druggies whose experiments in psychedelics have clued them into the existence of ghosts and spirits and who continue to poke at the supernatural despite their lack of any training in what to do when they get noticed.

The Keepers of the Source: A bunch of hippies and eco-nuts who have the sucky ability to sense those carrying Essence by feeling pain, so they think werewolves and mages are "parasites of the Earth Mother".

Used to use typical peacenik tactics to try and convince the werewolves and mages to stop channeling Essence; when this kept getting them killed, they upgraded to terrorist acts instead. The Keepers of the Weave: Native American storytellers and lorekeepers.

Since they don't write things down all stories have to be told and shared in person, making their knowledge especially fragile. They keep the stories of all the iterations of various monsters the people encounter and seek to make connections to provide everyone with hopefully correct information.

Les Voyageurs: Native Americans and French settlers protecting the French colonies from werewolves and other beasties who want to maul them for hunting beavers and stuff.

Given the fact that they're armed with muskets, bows and hatchets compared to, well, a fucking werewolf it speaks for their badassery and skill at trapping that they still exist. The Long Night: The Long Night believe it's the end of the world and a lot of them do not feel very fucking fine. The belief that Jesus will arrive if all the monsters are dead is about the only thing most of them can agree on.

The Loyalists of Thule: Ex-Nazis and people they've essentially blackmailed into being hunters. The Loyalists were originally the Thule-Gesellschaft. Knowing they done goofed, they think they have to atone for what they've done by hunting down monsters. Note that they're running low on people who were actually Nazis and the younger members are asking why they need to be so hung up on WWII.

Maiden's Blood Sisterhood: A sorority of vampire-hunting college chicks. Like Buffy, only no superpowers. Network 0: Making shows like Ghost Adventures and Finding Bigfoot look professional, Network 0 are all obsessed with finding footage and evidence of the monsters and dark parts of the world and either shoving said evidence of them in people's faces or hiding it and waiting to shove it in people's faces.

The Night Watch: Ghetto toughs, petty hoods, gangbangers and other street trash who've decided they aren't going to stand for being the go-to munchies for vampires anymore. Null Mysteriis: When scientists find out the truth, they don't go full-mystical. They break out their gear and start researching. They analyze vampire blood, study things from other dimensions and look for theories to explain why witches can break reality. The Promethean Brotherhood: Envious pricks who perform human sacrifices on mages, monsters, even Conspiracy-tier hunters to try and steal their magic for a time.

The Protectors of the Light: Native American hunters who hunt the monsters of the New World. More or less the only group actively upholding the Vigil, but the arrival of the Europeans and intertribal tensions make their duty more and more difficult. The Reckoning: A bunch of fundamentalist Christian preppers and sovereign citizens who hunt Heroes rather than Beasts after a Hero leveled their compound.

It's wacky. Especially when they start kidnapping Beasts to lure Heroes to them, which makes them more likely to turn into Heroes, or when they go on and on about Heroes causing collateral damage while causing collateral damage. The Reclaimers: A cell on the cusp of becoming a Compact, the Reclaimers believe that the Lairs of Beasts are made from the collective subconsciousness of humanity, and them using this somehow weakens the human race.

So the Reclaimers set out to break into the Lairs of Beasts and collapse them to make humanity whole again. Despite them figuring out how to do this, this is a terrible idea for three reasons: A, a Lair is a gigantic fucking deathtrap, and B, a Beast's Lair is where its Horror lives and it's not going to just let you collapse its home, and C, the Beast that the Horror belongs to is also going to notice, get pissed off, and merge with said Horror to bring it to its full power.

The Scarlet Watch: In the aftermath of the Inquisition a couple of powerful families banded together and formed a united front against vampires. Their descendants have moved to the New World and some seek to continue the fight against the ever-increasing numbers of vampires in the colonies. But the vampires have long memories, and they do not take kindly to being hunted. If they had magic whips this Compact would be the Belmont clan.

The Talbot Group: Well-meaning healers hoping to try and "cure" werewolves and spirit possessions. Founded by a couple whose son turned into a werewolf. They're slowly making progress and are considering how the werewolves they have pseudo-pacified handle spirits doing bad shit, which is the entire purpose of werewolves to begin with. The Union: The compact of the common men and women who don't know or care about what the monsters are as long as they stay out of their neighborhood.

Unlike most Hunters, they prefer to react to monster depredations rather than go out looking for trouble themselves. Utopia Now: A bunch of Libertarians looking to make the world a better place for everyone. The catch? They want to do this using whatever they pilfered from dead institutional demons, demons who have taken over buildings instead of people translation: Their founder is a Stigmatic, a human who has been exposed to a demon in its true form and was changed for the experience.

He is now looking to rid the world of institutional demons and build a utopia where they do not exist. Yuri's Group: A mix of the Talbot Group and Habibti Ma'at, Yuri's Group is a support group for critics of this ill-concieved little experiment , who sometimes take the fight to their former tormentors.

Starting to branch out into helping the battered housewives of all the other gamelines too, with the odd attempt to help vampires, beasts, and other predatory supernaturals who're still human enough to feel bad about the things they do to humans cling to what humanity they have left in them. Frequently team up with other Cells and Compacts to provide support because sacrificing an entire support group worth of people is bad for attendance rates.

It would be god tier, if they weren't so god-awful about so much. Conspiracies aren't just the largest groups in Hunter. They're controlling governments, churches, and have access to endowments. What's an endowment? Do you want to shoot werewolves with plasma weapons? Kill a golem with God's holy power?

Wolverine claws? Take your pick, just remember that the conspiracies don't give a shit about you unless you get results, and more than a few have their own dirty little secrets which the Hunters working for them aren't supposed to know about.

Aegis Kai Doru: Definitely not a front for an Arisen hunting down their old magical toys. Nope, not at all. In all seriousness, they've got a ton of fancy relics and match the Blood Ravens in their interest for more, and they really hate mages and werewolves. Their name is Greek for shield and spear , and two of their most powerful Relics are the Aegis and the Doru. Ascending Ones: What do you need, man?

Heroin from Afghanistan? Crack from Columbia? Weed from Mexico? Mysterious alchemical mixtures whose formulas were first perfected in ancient Egypt? Pay up, you'll be helping them wage war on evil. Just as long as you're okay with rampant drug addiction and street crime where they take control. The Cainite Heresy: They are descended from an organization of rebellious ghouls in the Roman Empire that turned against their vampiric masters. The Cheiron Group: They're better than Umbrella, if only because they haven't accidentally triggered a zombie apocalypse yet.

They don't just get powers, they get powers from monster body parts. Vampire limbs, serial killer brain implants, hands "volunteered" from the Lucifuge. Just don't expect a decent retirement package and keep in mind that there's a good chance you might end up becoming the test subject for an implant that they haven't quite worked the kinks out of.

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Are actually lead by aliens who use the Cheiron Group for some mysterious reason. The Faithful of Shulpae: Weird cultists who ritually cannibalize their "gods" read: The fact that the "gods" they worship generally DON'T want to have their flesh devoured doesn't seem to bother them at all. The Hototogisu: During the Edo period the Japanese merchant caste, the despised-but-wealthy bottom rung of the Confucian caste system, discovered the various supernatural critters that had infested Japanese society.

One of them, a man named Inoue Akio, realized after a conversation with such a monter that he could write up a very predatory contract that literally bought some of the monster's supernatural powers off it, and did so in a way that didn't actually result in any kind of loss of resources to him.

This is their Endowment: Setto Japanese for theft. Several hundred years later they rule the roost in the Japanese supernatural community; immortal, rich, and with enough supernatural lackeys at their disposal that they can easily defend their business interests while conning their marks out of shit like immortality.

The Knights of Saint Adrian: Half biker gang, half paladin order, all bounty hunter, no real subtlety. They work for angels to capture or kill demons. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing really depends on how big an asshole a particular demon's being. And how much you've read about the God-Machine.

To facilitate this they are given tattoos with angelic magic coded in. For example, one makes it so they can punch a demon so hard their stolen human face flies right off while another is basically an infinite ammo cheat code for the Knight's firearm of choice. The Knights of Saint George: Ostensibly a branch of the Church of England, in reality, they hunt mages with their own magic-nullifying spells because they fear they'll wake up the Lovecraftian "Faceless Angels" if they aren't killed.

Said angels may or may not be Mage-style Abyssal spirits.

Les Mysteres: They think they're helping the innocent, oppressed spirits fight against their tyrannical werewolf masters. Anyone who has ever played Werewolf: Somewhere, a Uratha is trying to stave off Death Rage after learning what this group is trying to do. The Lucifuge: They've got Hell in their blood and they aren't happy about it. They view the destruction of supernatural beings as a way for them to redeem themselves in the eyes of God. At least they get kickass powers from it.

Fun fact: Fun fact 2: Don't ask too many questions about what happened to the guy you replaced. The Malleus Maleficarum: Vampires, Witches, and Demons; that's the order of importance for the Catholic Inquisition.

Don't question it and you won't be taken down to the church basement.

Hunter the Vigil Sheet

Agree to help and you can call on God and his saints to give you awesome abilities to slay monsters. Please ignore the fact that their leader is a ghoul still addicted to vampire blood who uses "holy" magic. The Merrick Institute: A shadowy government-linked research collective used nasty, damaging science to discover the Primordial Dream , and started gathering "gifted" kids with a mixture of scholarship money and violence to try to weaponize it.

In one of their labs, the test subjects were able to escape and kill their tormentors, save a few who were sympathetic to their plight, then commandeered their tech and training to try to make something good out of what they were put through.

The end result is A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors in the World of Darkness, and indeed they are referred to as such at one point. Their Endowment is Dreamscape, allowing them to gain supernatural powers while inside of a dream, allowing them to hunt Beasts and similar monsters on their own turf. This makes them very powerful in the dream world, but useless outside of it in no small part because the experiments performed on them left many of the kids crippled or even comatose.

They're also thematically a bit like what the the Renegades could be like in their upcoming game , since the original collective is still active and hunting them down.

The only reason they're a Conspiracy and not a Compact is because by White Wolf's self-imposed rules only Conspiracies can give Endowments. The Otodo: Named after the single most complex kanji consisting of no less than 84 brushstrokes which roughly means "the appearance of a dragon in flight" , the Otodi are a family of cousins close and distant whose ancestors lived in a village that engaged in sexual intercourse with a bunch of oni.

The blood of their spiritual ancestors created a race of half-oni who use their powers to protect Japan and its people from the monsters hunting them. They also go after those Otodo who don't join in the fight against evil and consider Changelings to be just like them, explainations be damned.

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This means they're more or less the Shinto equivalent of the Christian Lucifuge. Their powers even work the same; the Otodo's Endowment of Seitokuken is more limited in scope you can pick only five of the seven powers in total, while the Lucifuge has a much wider array but no less potent: Because of their limited numbers the Otodo see no problems with increasing their numbers by copious amounts of boning, and when they're not killing monsters or getting laid the Otodo keep meticulous records of their offspring to keep an eye on those who could develop their powers.

Task Force: MIBs, conspiracy creators, and America's last line of paranormal defense. Great story, but the execution isn't quite as neat as it sounds. They're composed of various government entities i. But at least they get to carry around a laser cannon and ghost-killing bullets when they need to. Oh, and only some of the top brass know that most of their budget secretly comes from vampires using the organization to deal with their rivals.From the Onyx Path catalog: The Barrett Commission includes quite a few law-men that kill vampires.

Konstantinos Rentas. The old woman totters off to enjoy her breakfast, as tiny drops of bile patter on the street behind her.

Most newer books are in the original electronic format. The Loyalists were originally the Thule-Gesellschaft.

It is inspired by the upcoming World of Darkness:

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