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Pokora sold Clark a dev kit so they could hack Halo 3 in tandem; Clark, in turn, gave Pokora tips on the art of the disassembly. And they logged countless hours playing their hacked creations on PartnerNet, a sandbox version of Xbox Live available only to dev kit owners.

As they released bits and pieces of their software online, Pokora and Clark began to hear from engineers at Microsoft and Bungie, the developer behind the Halo series.

The professional programmers offered nothing but praise, despite knowing that Pokora and Clark were using ill-gotten dev kits. But Pokora and Clark occasionally flirted with darker hijinks.

By the pair was using PartnerNet not only to play their modded versions of Halo 3 but also to swipe unreleased software that was still being tested. They saw no reason to stop playing cat and mouse with the Xbox pros, whom they hoped to call coworkers some day. The hack came to be known as the JTAG, after the Joint Test Action Group, the industry body that had recommended adding the pins to all printed circuit boards in the mids.

When news of the vulnerability broke, Xbox owners rushed to get their consoles JTAGed by services that materialized overnight. For Pokora and Clark, it was an opportunity to cash in.

They hacked the Call of Duty series of military-themed shooters to create so-called modded lobbies—places on Xbox Live where Call of Duty players could join games governed by reality-bending rules.

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Pokora was initially reluctant to sell infections: He knew his turbocharged clients would slaughter their hapless opponents, a situation that struck him as contrary to the spirit of gaming. There were so many customers that he and Clark had to hire employees to deal with the madness.

Swept up in the excitement of becoming an entrepreneur, Pokora forgot all about his commitment to fairness. It was one more step down a ladder he barely noticed he was descending.

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Microsoft tried to squelch breaches like the Call of Duty cheats by launching an automated system that could detect JTAGed consoles and ban them. Pokora reveled in the perks of his success. He still lived with his parents, but he paid his tuition as he entered the University of Toronto in the fall of Pokora knew there was a whiff of the illegal about his Call of Duty business, which violated numerous copyrights. Activision did send a series of cease-and-desist letters, but the company never followed through on its threats.

An American friend of his who went by the name Gamerfreak had slipped him a password list for the public forums operated by Epic Games , a Cary, North Carolina, game developer known for its Unreal and Gears of War series.

Once he had a toehold at Epic, Wheeler wanted a talented partner to help him sally deeper into the network. What Wheeler was proposing was substantially shadier than anything Pokora had attempted before: It was one thing to download Halo maps from the semipublic PartnerNet and quite another to break into a fortified private network where a company stores its most sensitive data. In June Nesheiwat downloaded a prerelease copy of Gears of War 3 from Epic, along with hundreds of gigabytes of other software.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Pokora shared the game with several friends, including his dev kit customer Justin May; within days a copy showed up on the Pirate Bay, a notorious BitTorrent site. The Gears of War 3 leak triggered a federal investigation, and Epic began working with the FBI to determine how its security had been breached. Having survived their first brush with the law, the hackers felt emboldened—the brazen Wheeler most of all. Wriggling through those poorly secured tunnels was no great challenge, though Pokora was wary of leaving behind too many digital tracks.

How Do We End It?

Pokora was becoming ever more infatuated with his forays into corporate networks, and his old friends from the Xbox scene feared for his future.

Kevin Skitzo, a Team Avalaunch hacker, urged him to pull back from the abyss. But as technology progresses and law enforcement gets more aware, you can only dodge that bullet for so long. Though he was turning cocky as he swung from network to network without consequence, Pokora still took pride in how little he cared about money. It could have already been easily an easy fifty grand. Pokora was willing to deliver any titles Xboxdevguy desired for a few hundred dollars each. They knew that May had been arrested at a Boston gaming convention in March for trying to download the source code for the first-person shooter Breach.

By the spring of , Pokora and Wheeler were focused on pillaging the network of Zombie Studios.

Rather than sell the documents to a Microsoft competitor, the hackers opted for a more byzantine scheme: They would counterfeit and sell a Durango themselves, using off-the-shelf components. Leroux volunteered to do the assembly in exchange for a cut of the proceeds; he needed money to pay for online computer science classes at the University of Maryland.

But the Durango never arrived at its destination. When the downloader complained, paranoia set in: Had the FBI intercepted the shipment? Were they now all under surveillance? The answer he came up with was to go down in a blaze of glory, to do things that would ensure his place in Xbox lore.

Wheeler launched his campaign for notoriety by posting a Durango for sale on site, using photographs of the one that Leroux had built. Infuriated by the media attention the saga generated, Pokora cut off contact with Wheeler. Americans close to Pokora began to tell him they were being tailed by black cars with tinted windows.

The hackers suspected there might be an informant in their midst. Person A The relationship between Pokora and Clark soured as Pokora got deeper into hacking developers. The two finally fell out over staffing issues at their Call of Duty business—for example, they hired some workers whom Pokora considered greedy, but Clark refused to call them out.

Sick of dealing with such friction, both men drifted into other ventures. As the now year-old Pokora split his energies between helping to run Horizon and attending university, Wheeler continued his kamikaze quest for attention.

In the wake of his site stunt, Microsoft sent a private investigator named Miles Hawkes to Perth to confront him. Nesheiwat posted an unredacted version of the search warrant online. A phalanx of men in light tactical gear was approaching the house, Glocks holstered by their sides.

Wheeler scrambled to shut down all of his computers, so that whoever would be dissecting his hardware would at least have to crack his passwords. That July, Pokora told Justin May he was about to attend Defcon, the annual hacker gathering in Las Vegas—his first trip across the border in years. Alcala would be added as a defendant four months later. The hackers cracked jokes about what they should call their prison gang. Everyone dug Wheeler's tongue-in-cheek suggestion that they could strike fear into the hearts of other inmates by dubbing themselves the Xbox Underground.

Though he knew nothing about the secret indictment, Pokora was too busy to go to Defcon and pulled out at the last minute. The FBI worried that arresting his American coconspirators would spur him to go on the lam, so the agency decided to wait for him to journey south before rolling up the crew.

His phone buzzed as a warm-up act was tearing through a song—it was Alcala, now a high school senior in Fishers, Indiana. But after years of pushing his luck, Pokora was no longer in the habit of listening to his own common sense. He told Alcala to put them in touch. The burglar was a recent high school graduate named Arman, known on the scene as ArmanTheCyber.

He agreed to share his story on the condition that his last name not be used. The year-old had already stolen one Durango for personal use; he was nervous about going back for more but also brimming with the recklessness of youth. Around 9 pm on a late September night, Arman swiped himself into the building that housed the Durangos. A few engineers were still roaming the hallways; Arman dove into a cubicle and hid whenever he heard footsteps.

As he started to make his way into the darkened floor, motion detectors sensed his presence and light flooded the room. Spooked, Arman bolted back downstairs. He finally found what he was looking for in two third-floor cubicles. Learn about the methodology used in the walkthrough, the techniques are less important. This will improve your scripting skills and experience but also save time. Try to root as many machines as possible because all boxes contribute to your experience and learning process.

You can install your own vulnerable machines for practising or download them elsewhere.

At the scheduled exam date you will receive new VPN credentials to access the exam network. The exam network consists of 5 machines with a number of points ranging from 10 — 25 in the networks I got. In the 6 hours to follow I rooted the second box. From that moment on everything went downwards and I got lost for hours in what later seemed to be a rabbit hole.

I stopped at 3 AM and slept till I got back to the exam at and only had 2 hours and 45 minutes left. In that period I got a limited shell on the box I was stuck at the night before and almost rooted a second one but it was too late. I have learned how important time management is and that you really need a strategy to avoid rabbit holes and lose too much time.

At the end of this article I will present you with a list of points to consider which really helped me to avoid rabbit holes. From the first attempt I knew that exam hours 12 to 16 are worthless. I also started with the harder exam machines this time. Those are the ones that give 20 or 25 points.

In the hours to follow I managed to get another 40 points. I had a total of 90 points and I knew I had passed the exam. For one box I did not manage to escalate my privilege level to root, but I was fine with that.

OSCP exam report In the next 24 hours you will be writing a penetration test exam report. The exam manual, which you get at the start of the exam, explains clearly what is required in the report. Make sure you collect this information during the exam in the required format.

Tips before the OSCP exam The following tips will help you before the OSCP exam: Make a battle plan before the exam which at least contains the following: Breaks with time, including dinner, lunch and breakfast. Determine when and for how long you will sleep. Yes, you need to sleep in 24 hours.

How long to work on a single box. Which enumeration to perform on every step of the penetration test at the start and on a low privileged shell. Finish your lab report for 5 extra points and optionally the course exercises for an additional 5 points. You might need them to reach the 70 points. Rest before the exam, at least a day is what I would recommend.

A fresh and sharp brain at the start of the exam is more important than a few more details covered. You need to write a penetration test report after the exam. Make sure you know how to write it so you know what information to collect during the exam.

Pick a timeframe for the exam which supports this and give you 2 fresh starts with enough time. Take frequent breaks during the exam. Recognize rabbit holes! Summarized: When it is too difficult, it is probably a rabbit hole.For Pokora and Clark, it was an opportunity to cash in.

In most cases, this information was never meant to be made public but due to any number of factors this information was linked in a web document that was crawled by a search engine that subsequently followed that link and indexed the sensitive information. The hacking free-for-all ended with the release of the second-generation Xbox, the Xbox , in November Were they now all under surveillance?


Some machines contain a networksecret. Microsoft sends dev kits only to rigorously screened game-development companies. An American friend of his who went by the name Gamerfreak had slipped him a password list for the public forums operated by Epic Games , a Cary, North Carolina, game developer known for its Unreal and Gears of War series.

The Exploit Database is a non-profit project that is provided as a public service by Offensive Security.

Our aim is to serve the most comprehensive collection of exploits gathered through direct submissions, mailing lists, as well as other public sources, and present them in a freely-available and easy-to-navigate database. Pokora had long been aware that his misdeeds had angered some powerful interests, and not just within the gaming industry; in the course of seeking out all things Xbox, he and his associates had wormed into American military networks too.

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