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Four years was a long time to be holed up in a six by ten cell. I tipped my head back and inhaled deeply, letting the cool air fill my lungs as I squeezed my eyes shut. Breathing in freedom. He flicked his head motioning for me to join him.

My senses kicked in, adrenaline pumping through my veins and my fists clenched at my side ready to defend myself Did they think it would be that easy?

That because they couldn't finish the job inside, I'd fall prey to their traps outside the gate? These fuckers really were dumb. You can trust me. My eyes connected with eyes identical to my own, and my heart started to pound. I looped an arm around her neck and pressed a kiss to her wild red curls.

My family. My only family. Something bolted through me and my body tensed, but I couldn't be sure if it was anger, regret, or something else entirely. Prison had messed with my head; done a real fucking number on me.

Fighting Redemption

It's impossible to catch a decent night's sleep in that place. I turned back to my sister and offered a grim smile. You can trust him. I needed to get my head on straight and find out what had happened in my absence. Make sense of the world again. Luke nodded at me in the mirror. I didn't recognize him, but he didn't look much older than I was.

Fighting Redemption Kate Mccarthy Epub Download

I'm twenty-eight. Two years older than you guys. We were twenty-six. Four years of my life wasted in that place. A lot could change in four years.

Hell, I'd changed in four years.

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I wasn't the same guy anymore. Not by a long shot. Braiden, we're here. Something in her voice was off, and I wondered what she was hiding.

Wings of Redemption

I looked at Briony to explain, but Luke cut her dead. I just want a warm bed and some decent food. I didn't want or need this shit. Not here. Not now. I just needed time. Did I feel guilty that I was being a total dick? A little. She was, after all, my sister. She'd been there today when I'd expected no one.

But I couldn't find it in me to care enough. Four years. Yeah, four years had changed everything. No one spoke as I followed him and Briony to their apartment.


It was awkward as fuck-as if they were waiting for me to snap or lose my shit. But I was adjusting, and after four years inside, it was going to take a while. Their place was small-living room with a kitchenette in one corner, two small bedrooms, and one bathroom. Not quite what I'd expected, but strangely, I felt comforted by the small space.

Get showered, take a nap, whatever you need to do. I have to be somewhere. I'll be back later.

As soon as he was out of the door, I snapped, "Who is he to you? Briony started to turn away from me, but I stepped forward and caught her arm, a sliver of guilt pulsing through me. I'm sorry, okay?

It's just Come on, B, you know me better than that. The sound ricocheted off the walls and I flinched, the ounce of guilt growing into something more. Something I didn't want to feel.

It might have been four years, but I still knew my sister well enough to know that she needed to cool off. Hell, perhaps I did too. After all, she was right; all I had right now was Briony and Luke. I made my way into the spare bedroom. It was barely furnished, just a single bed and a single wardrobe pushed up against one wall, but clean towels and some shower gel, a toothbrush, and toothpaste were in a neat pile on the bed.

Nothing had ever looked better. I grabbed everything and went in search of the shower. Twenty minutes later, I still didn't feel ready to leave the shower. The jets of hot water streamed over my skin, washing away four years of blood and sweat. When I'd first arrived at Oregon State, I thought I'd serve a few months of easy time before Petrelli, the family lawyer, got me out or Dad paid off the right people.

Palms flat against the cool tile, I pressed my forehead against the wall and shut down that train of thought.

I wasn't ready to go there, not yet. Maybe not ever. Four years wasn't long enough to forget-or forgive-his betrayal. Voices out in the living room caught my attention, and I switched off the shower and stepped out, wrapping a towel around my waist. As soon as possible. Danidelle ,. Fighting Redemption by Kate McCarthy.

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