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Read DC vs. Marvel comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Batman: White Knight () “Unlike anything we've seen before.” -Nerdist “ Cinematic and graphic.” -A.V. Club “Murphy was truly born to draw Batman.” -IGN “A. Digital Comic Museum. But they're not PDF—but there are free readers that allow you to read them. They're older—mostly pre—and no DC and no Marvel.

This battle takes place at the microscopic level, and, much as the original "Marvel vs. Who wins? Who's that emerging from all the science? It looks like Atom. Marvel," Mjolnir landed at the feet of Wonder Woman.

DC vs Marvel, loyal fans choose sides

She is deemed worthy and wields the enchanted hammer, but chooses to relinquish its power and face Storm under her own strength. The two women bond over both being gods, but then Storm prevails by… striking Wonder Woman with lightning. Was it, like, enchanted lightning? Let's go with that. Storm has better hair now than she did in , but other than that, this is another set of heroes who are largely the same as they were back then. When fans voted on who would win this battle, the X-Men were perhaps at the height of their popularity, while Wonder Woman just kind of did her thing.

Now we've got Gal Gadot and Diana of Themiscyra is thrilling. But this isn't a popularity contest except when it definitely is.

An siteian warrior, who may or may not be an actual goddess of war, still has a commanding edge on a mutant who controls the winds, impressive though that power may be. Wonder Woman wins in a walk. Marvel," immediately after being teleported to the Grand Canyon, the Hulk sucker punches Superman mid-exposition.

He's the Smart Hulk at this point in time, so presumably Dr. Banner doesn't want to waste an advantage. Surprisingly, Superman doesn't exactly shy from the fight here, perhaps because he's going through a phase of his own -- this is the mullet era, and Clark's got to do his hair-rock idols proud. And so, with a rebel yell, he puts Hulk down. Post-Rebirth, pre-Flashpoint "Dad Superman" is at once a bit more circumspect about solving problems with violence and more willing to lay a dude out if he puts his family in danger.

Banner's Hulk, meanwhile, has been replaced by the young and newly gamma-powered Amadeus Cho.

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Cho has intellectual genius on his side, no small advantage, but his inexperience will be a heavy liability. It's not like Superman has never contended with a smarty pants before; that's kind of Luthor's whole deal. Superman wins, but offers the Totally Awesome Hulk some fatherly advice on being a hero and so forth, which Amadeus Cho may or may not take on board.

Lots of heroes profess not wanting to fight, but Squirrel Girl thinks this whole thing is super dumb and isn't going to do it.

Her whole thing is resolving problems without violence whenever possible, right? And then beating people up only when necessary?

The question is whether she can reason Harley Quinn into her point of view. Both characters were created before and were thus eligible for the original contest, but Harley was just getting started and Doreen Green was… not on anybody's radar. But really, this should be 's most extraordinary matchup and, quite honestly, the one that would make the best actual published comic book.

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Harley does her best at first to make friends, merely destroying everything around the women rather than attacking Squirrel Girl directly. It's a good, healthy outlet, but SG still has Concerns. As it becomes clear that Harley is now just waiting for the best moment to strike, Squirrel Girl begins to utter her famous battle cry of "Let's Get Nuts," but is knocked out by a giant mallet before the words leave her mouth.

Who do you have in the above fights? Which other bouts would you like to see in a DC vs. Marvel Rematch? Let us know in the comments! Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Share Tweet Comment.

DC Versus Marvel Vol 1 1

Leave A Comment. A Covenant with Aliens: ResurrXion Rundown: Green Lantern Corps: The Joker's 15 Most Twisted Murders. Marvel's Marvels: Black History Month: Who Watches The Watcher: Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want.

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A fresh take on sports: The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The story had an "out of universe" component in that the outcomes of primary battles were determined by readers voting. The result of following fights were determined by the creative team: Aquaman DC vs.

Your #1 resource for comic book VS. battles!

Namor Marvel. Aquaman wins by summoning a whale to leap out of the water and land on Namor. Since Namor is pinned and unable to move, he is declared the loser.

Elektra Marvel vs.

Catwoman DC. Elektra won by cutting off Catwoman's whip as she hung from a girder on a building under construction, but Catwoman survived by falling into a dumpster filled with sand.

Flash DC vs. Quicksilver Marvel. The Flash wins using superior speed. Robin DC vs. Jubilee Marvel. Robin won by using his cape as a decoy and then tying up Jubilee. Silver Surfer Marvel vs. The losing universe would cease to exist. However, the storyline does not show one side as being victorious. An inter-dimensional character called Access eventually managed to restore the universes to their normal state with the aid of Batman and Captain America. The presence of the two heroes essentially serving as the brothers in miniature, each being unique among their peers forced the brothers to recognize how petty their disagreement truly was.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The six preliminary battles were: Aquaman DC vs. Namor Marvel. Elektra Marvel vs.Retrieved Please Ignore Speak your mind. Storm Marvel vs. Banner's Hulk, meanwhile, has been replaced by the young and newly gamma-powered Amadeus Cho.

Notify me of new comments via email. Catwoman DC. The story had an "out of universe" component in that the outcomes of primary battles were determined by readers voting. Is it a cop-out to hit them with sewer water again?

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