WAMP is the abbreviation of the package: Apache, MySQL, and one of Perl, PHP, or Python in. Microsoft Windows operating system. Apache HTTP server is. phpMyAdmin is a web-based interface to a MySQL server. The interface your servers. This can be done from the MAMP/WAMP application that you installed. You will Find Wamp Server Tutorials on this Blog Downloading Wamp XML, PDF, ISO / IEC - OpenDocument Text and Spreadsheet.

Wamp Server Tutorial Pdf

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PHP is compatible with various web servers like Apache and the Microsoft's IIS as well. All the PHP scripts are In this application, we use WAMP which is a packages of independently created programs notes for tutorials of HTML, PHP. For this tutorial we are assuming you are running Windows 7 and have not Start the Apache web server and MySQL database by clicking on Start under. Read a book or tutorials about MySQL or SQL in general 38 . of MySQL with PHP, e.g., XAMPP, WampServer, AMPPS. Another free PDF, etc . Importing databases to MySQL is also possible. To do that in phpMyAdmin, use.

During the installation process, you need to define the location for the web browser. By default, it will be Internet Explorer. You can change that to Google Chrome or any other web browser by locating it in the Program Files of your computer. Once installed, you can launch the WampServer to continue.

Step 2. You need to start the services by clicking on the icon before setting up the database. It will take you to the phpMyAdmin login screen on your web browser. Simply enter the username: root and leave the password field blank.

These are the default credentials to login into your localhost phpMyAdmin. Once logged in, you need to click on Databases in phpmMyAdmin to create a new database for WordPress. Your database is ready which means you can now install WordPress on localhost. Step 3. It will download as a zip file. Now you need to navigate to the folder where you installed WAMP.

Installing PHP, MySQL, Apache with WAMP Server

But keep in mind, it may be different for you depending on where you installed the program. For the sake of this tutorial, we renamed the folder from wordpress to mysite.

After that, you need to enter your database details like database name, username, password, host, and table prefix. The database name will be the one that you entered in the previous step.

This will show the WAMP overview page, with information on the server, and links to various tools. You can start the WAMP server via the program menu: During server startup, you will see the WAMP icon coloured red, change to orange, then to green, meaning the server is started.

You can access all configuration settings via the green WAMP icon in your windows notification area. Note that the icon has to be green, as that indicates that the server is properly started, and all services are running.

How to Install WordPress on your Windows Computer Using WAMP

The WAMP settings and configuration window. The current version of WAMP ships with both versions 5. You can easily switch. Do note that you have to restart the server after switching the PHP version. You can change and configure PHP, enable or disable modules.

The best course of action is to restart your system, then open WampServer again. Skype is known to interfere with WampServer, as are some games that use Port 80 to communicate with the internet. When the icon is green, you can head to your browser. Type http: All being well, this will display the WampServer homepage, like so:.

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Furthermore, when you create a new project, it will appear on this homepage under Your Projects. The same goes for Your Aliases , but these are for your project databases.

Now to make your first WampServer project. In the following example, you will install WordPress to WampServer for local access. Create a blank MySQL database for your new site.

Select phpMyAdmin from the WampServer http: The default username is root, and there is no password you can fix this in a moment—even though its local, you should still keep security practices. After logging in, select Databases from the menu bar.

Enter a name for your database, and press Create.

Wamp Server Tutorials

Next, install WordPress. If you left the WampServer installation to its default settings, you will find your project folder at C: The WordPress installer should start automatically and guide you through the installation process.

The username and password are the same as the MySQL login, and you just created the database name. All being well, you will reach the Run the installation screen. From here, you fill in your website information, after which you can access your WordPress dashboard using the Log in button. You just finished creating your first WampServer project using WordPress. Depending on the type of program you attempt to install on WampServer, you may require additional extensions that are not loaded by default.

You can customize your Apache settings from the same WampServer tray icon, such as custom and pre-installed modules, which alias you are working with, the Apache version if you have multiple installed , and more.

One of the first MySQL changes to make is to add a password to your root account.There is no need to neither enable remote root access or create an Anonymous Account.

There is a simple fix for this problem. The local environment lets web developers continue their work offline, as well as test features before rolling them out into live environments.

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The best course of action is to restart your system, then open WampServer again. Similarly, if you want to select a different Notepad option, go ahead.

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