Why is it taking longer for some of my NOOK Books, magazines, apps and NOOK Kids' . Can I search for emails that have not been synced to my NOOK? No. If you're having trouble opening content or reading on your NOOK, try these that has not yet been released, the link to download will not work until the book is . If your NOOK Device is not updated to meet these new TLS security again or check Wi-Fi Settings and make sure you are connected to a working access point .

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Why is it taking longer for some of my NOOK Books, magazines, catalogs and . I 'm going through the initial setup of my NOOK and cannot connect to my Wi-Fi. Nook for PC does not work any more Barnes & Noble NOOK. Nook books via my Nook for pc(old version, not windows nook app), I get the Use Nook Study, since Nook for PC stopped working for some several years ago. Although Barnes & Noble had tried hard to discontinue the Nook book reading I have tested and ensure the three method are still working. If the book is not downloaded, there will be a download icon at the top left corner.

Jonathan Agathokles I also use this method with Kobo. I cannot log in.

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet 10.1"

It takes me almost an hour to get to the right book and setting to upload a review. This is crazy. I bought some ebooks using the new cart feature. You can add your ebooks to the cart instead of having all these separate charges hitting my card. I really like the new website.

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Even though I swore I would never download another nook book, when I heard a new website was in the works I decided to test the waters with a free book, fortunately. I miss Fictionwise! They are so uninterested in customer feedback it reminds me of Iomega.

Moving towards hiring non-book people for more and more managerial positions, too — reflected in becoming like Borders, with more of an emphasis on gifts and non-book items in the physical stores, chasing the short-term dollar without caring about customer retention in membership drives, e-reader sales, etc. Sharon Holihan Why change something that was working????

Now I have to go through the long drawn out process of adding it to the cart, checking out etc. I downloadd an e-book on July 27, and it still has shown up on my nook. I have gone into one of the stores, I have called into the digital support department.

No one has answers, and I cannot get my money back.

It shows me that due to geographical reasons, but it never showed me this before. The Nook for Mac software still works on my computer and loads all of my downloads.

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BryX My actual, physical nook still works as fine as it ever has. Have they said anything about fixing it yet?

Then this. But I suspect it may not be an accident.

Google Play gets you multiple bookstores, including Nook, site, and Kobo; multiple comics stores including Marvel Unlimited; and various third-party comics reading apps. site's tablets will always try to drive you toward site content, and there's a lot there, but if you prefer a different content provider, site can make it really inconvenient to install.

Performance benchmarks on the 1. Surprisingly, they were worse than we saw on the 7-inch Nook, which has a slower 1.

That's because the inch tablet is pushing 40 percent more pixels on the screen. The tablet takes a long time to boot, widgets take visible amounts of time to load, and even screen rotation has a delay to it.

At least the keyboard is much more accurate than the one on the 7-inch Nook, and I didn't have mistyping problems on this one.

The tablet is roomy in terms of storage, with The external and internal storage can't be merged, though, so you're dependent on each app's settings to know whether you can offload content onto the microSD card.

There are two speakers on one edge of the tablet, which get quite loud: We got about 90db at six inches of distance.

How to Download Nook Books

The sound is tinny for sure, and you'd almost certainly rather use the standard 3. But it at least doesn't sound like a year-old transistor radio the way the sound on the 7-inch tablet does. The tablet has two cameras, both 2-megapixel, that record p video.

They aren't good, but they aren't useless like the ones on the 7-inch tablet. Still images are at least viewable, and in low light they're super dim but not entirely blacked out.

Don't record video, though—we couldn't get frame rates high enough to be truly usable.

Barnes and Noble Unveils Broken Nook Website

In good light, we got 15 to 20 frames per second, and in low light we got 9 to 10 frames per second, both of which are visibly jerky. Battery life isn't bad. We got 5 hours, 49 minutes of video rundown over Wi-Fi at maximum screen brightness.

You'll probably be able to double that by turning the brightness down to half. Comparisons and Conclusions Cheap tablets are not going to perform well.It asked me to authorize both the PC and the Nook, which I did.

I downloads a book from the Barnes and Noble website but there was no download link for the epub file like they use too. I actually ran out of space on my simple touch nook.

You canpoint calibre with plugin there. Very helpful thread, thanks.

It is like movies being streamed to our TVs. They are dropdown menus. I always download to my PC and then move the book onto my nook.

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